Popular Alliance

Popular Alliance
   The Alianza Popular (AP) was a coalition of different groups on the right and centre-right. Founded in 1976 by an ex-minister of the Franco regime, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, it was widely perceived as the political heir of the dictatorship. Its showing in the general elections of 1977 and 1979 was poor, with 8 and 5 percent of the votes respectively, and 16 and 9 seats. It did better in some regional elections, however, and by the next general election in 1982, won decisively by PSOE, it had become the main opposition party, owing to the eclipse of UCD: its share of the vote was 26 percent, and it had 107 seats. For several years afterwards, it had difficulty breaking through what Fraga Iribarne called its techo electoral (electoral ceiling), but gained in credibility after its re-launch in 1989 as PP.

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